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Sami Ariss

About Sami Ariss

I have been at Cushman for 6 1/2 years. I appreciate the amazing teachers here and made many new friends. Cushman has really helped me academically and has given me many opportunities. I will miss all the great friends that I have met but know the friendships will last a lifetime.

This Cushman Senior

will be attending
Broward College
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SAM Project

For my SAM project, I am trying to reduce the overpopulation of iguanas. These invasive species have been increasing and causing damage to sea walls and roads by digging burrows underneath. Over time, this causes significant erosion.

Best Cushman Memory

My favorite Cushman memory was going to the Florida Keys to play a tennis match there.

Cushman Clubs and Sports

At Cushman, I have played soccer and tennis.

Remembered As

The class pet

Sami never breaks a sweat. He has a heart of gold and approaches life with a natural generosity. I know that the keen eye for detail he’s developed and the zeal with which he pursues his passions will take him far!”

Cristina Gonzalez

Cushman HS Studio Art, DAT I/II/SAM

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