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Benjamin Morris

About Benjamin Morris

I transferred here in my junior year, but my family has been involved with the high school with my brother who graduated last year. I have met many great friends and I know my relationships with them will continue long after graduation. I have enjoyed my amazing teachers who really care about the students, and I have had many great experiences that I would not have had if I did not come to Cushman.

This Cushman Senior

will be attending
University of North Florida
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SAM Project

My SAM project was focused on cleaning up our beaches. I have been working with other environmentally-conscious individuals to create a healthier environment for both marine animals and the citizens of Miami.

Best Cushman Memory

A best memory was celebrating the upperclassmen last year at the Cougar Prowl when they drove through campus and we were cheering them on.

“Benji is one of a kind. I’m going to miss our chess matches and interesting conversations.”

Kyle Mullan

Cushman School HS Faculty

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