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Gabriel Garcia-Diaz

About Gabriel Garcia-Diaz

I first came to Cushman in 3rd grade but left in 9th. I returned to Cushman to finish my senior year and I could not imagine graduating from anywhere else.

This Cushman Senior

will be attending
St. John’s University
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SAM Project

Returning to Cushman in high school, I understood the importance of my Society and Me class. Following the path I paved with my freshman year SAM project, I decided to concentrate on solving the defunding of art programs in public schools. So far this year, I have researched the importance of these arts classes on the well-being and productivity of students, and I’ve been in contact with students affected by this.

Best Cushman Memory

When I ran into a beehive during PE.

Cushman Clubs and Sports


Remembered As

8th Grade Treasurer

“When I think of Gabriel, I think of this statement, “Any pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard enough.” He’s always been a funny guy, and now he knows how to make his sense of humor work for him. Gabriel has developed into a really great young man, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him!”

Andrea Poulos

Cushman School HS Counselor

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