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Gideon Dinar

About Gideon Dinar

I started at Cushman when I was five years old and I remember having so much fun playing. Since then, I have attended other schools but returned for my senior year. Even though my high school journey at Cushman has been brief, it has been very memorable and I’m so glad I came back here to graduate.

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SAM Project

I have been working on a project that shows the importance of sleep for teens and how it transpires in the classroom and their everyday well-being. I have completed over 20 interviews and learned that overall teens do not get adequate sleep, which results in restlessness and makes it difficult to focus. At this point, I have mostly been advocating and researching the effects of sleep on a teenage mind. Moving forward I hope to talk to the administration about alternative ways to encourage more sleep in teenage students. Some of my ideas include a schedule change to a later start in the school day and less homework given in classes. My goal is to make a change within our school prior to graduating in May.

Best Cushman Memory

I spent the day as Principal alongside Dr. Balseiro. It made me feel special and I remember we had fun planning an extra pajama day.

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Remembered As

A respectable person who always did my best

“Beyond the comprehension questions and analysis, Gideon understands the heart of the author; and in life, I think, the heart is all you need.”

Dana Wahab

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