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Jamie Fernandez

About Jamie Fernandez

I have gone to Cushman for 9 years, left after Middle School, and returned in high school. I have a wonderful history at Cushman. I remember when I first started in Kindergarten and my teacher would literally have to hold me back because I would always want to go home with my dad. Soon that changed, and I have loved being at this school, for the most part, ever since. I am looking forward to graduating and enjoying the next chapter of life.

This Cushman Senior

will be attending
McFatter Technical College
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SAM Project

In SAM, I have been working on cultivating a garden that will reduce Carbon Emissions. I chose this environmental focus for my SAM work because I am passionate about protecting our environment and look forward to making progress in high school and in the future after graduation.

Best Cushman Memory

When I was in elementary school, I was walking near Dr. Balseiro’s office and I ran into basketball star Chris Bosh. I was completely shocked, but it was a nice surprise since I am a big fan.

Cushman Clubs and Sports

I have always been active in all of the sports at Cushman. I have participated in baseball, soccer, basketball, track, cross country. I also participated in MS in the football club with Big Mike (Coach Bradley).

Remembered As

I want to be remembered for always trying my best both in the classroom and on any sports team.

“Jamie has been an active participant in our sports program throughout his time at Cushman. From CAD soccer in elementary school to middle school cross-country, soccer and track, Jamie has always brought his competitive spirit to our sports teams. We are grateful for his commitment and contributions and look forward to his future participation at athletic alumni events!”

Pablo Gentile

Athletic Director

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