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Juliana Prat

About Juliana Prat

In middle school, moving from a large public school where you didn’t know many people to a small private school where you know everybody was a big change for my 13-year-old self. The journey, I would say, was challenging but so worth it in the end. I gained lifelong friends and an excellent education that I could not have gotten anywhere else.

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SAM Project

My SAM project is focused on immigrant and refugee children and what we could do differently to help them live and excel here in the United States. I also hope to help them reconnect with their families. I plan to continue to send care packages and/or funds to refugee camps to assist in this effort.

Best Cushman Memory

My favorite memory is eating lunch in Mrs. Caamano’s room while she teased me and reminded me to do my work. I would laugh and joke with her about her ears turning red.

Cushman Clubs and Sports

I have played many sports while I’ve been at Cushman including soccer, tennis, baseball, swimming, track and field, OCR, and volleyball.

Remembered As

I would like to be remembered as being a friendly person to everyone.

“Juliana, I don’t know where to begin. I love you as if you were my own daughter. I am so proud of the woman you are becoming. You are strong and determined. You are learning the power of your voice and using it every day. Reach for the stars baby girl, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.”

Maria Caamano

Cushman School College Counselor and Assistant Dean

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