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Kevin Lavandeira

About Kevin Lavandeira

I transferred to Cushman in 4th grade and have been here ever since. I’ve made lifelong friends at this school and have met some of the most wonderful people ever. I’m very thankful for my time here.

This Cushman Senior

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Oberlin College of Arts and Sciences
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SAM Project

In my freshman year, I picked Gun Control (banning semi-automatic assault rifles) and was selected to present in the SAMx Showcase. In sophomore year, I stuck with Gun Control but shifted it to handgun sale regulations. In junior year, I switched my SAM topic to curbing Human Trafficking.

Best Cushman Memory

Probably the Costa Rica trip in eighth grade was my favorite memory.

Outstanding Accomplishments

Yes, I’ve received Honor Roll many times. I was a SAMx Finalist in freshman year and I was the MVP of the obstacle course racing team. I was nominated for the Silver Knight Award and was picked by Mr. Mullan for the UF Alumni Book Award.

Cushman Clubs and Sports

I’ve loved playing sports but I was most prevalently involved in obstacle course racing/track and field.

Remembered As

I hope I’m remembered for my ability to help others.

“Kevin epitomizes in his personal, academic and athletic life the adage that self belief and hard work will always earn you success.”

Douglas Romanik

Cushman School HS Associate Director

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