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Koby Resnick

About Koby Resnick

I have been at Cushman since 4th grade. Throughout my time at Cushman, I have learned and matured so much. I love Cushman because the teachers provide so much individualized attention and because of its values. I have learned a lot through my years at Cushman about what it means to be a good person. I will leave Cushman knowing that these teachers have impacted me in a very positive way.

This Cushman Senior

will be attending
Nova Southeastern University
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SAM Project

My SAM project was focused on understanding and bringing about awareness for different learning styles.

Best Cushman Memory

When Mr. Romanik forgot his passport on the Puerto Rico trip because he was so concerned about me forgetting mine.

Outstanding Accomplishments

NHS/Honor Roll, VP of the Key Club

Cushman Clubs and Sports

I have been on the Cushman Tennis Team since 5th grade. I have been on the swimming team in 9th grade through 11th grade and was Vice President of Key Club.

Remembered As

I was always trying to make people happy and feel positive.

“Koby has demonstrated through hard work and perseverance the utmost in reliability, integrity, and excellence. He is an excellent friend who is always willing to lend a helping hand. His work is at best, perfect. Koby puts forth and exceeds the effort needed to complete the task. Each of these attributes outlined above will serve Koby well in all his future endeavors. Keep up the great work!”

Fernande Russell

Cushman School Faculty HS Math

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