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Luca Kanegis

About Luca Kanegis

I have been attending Cushman for seven years. I have met many great friends and teachers throughout my time here. Building productive relationships with my teachers and receiving personalized instruction have pushed me to excel academically. I know I will miss my friends the most when I venture to college to pursue my dreams.

This Cushman Senior

will be attending
Lynn University
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SAM Project

For my SAM project, I have worked on mitigating Police Brutality for the past three years. I have produced a couple of inspirational videos regarding this topic. Also, this past year, I have contacted several individual police municipalities across Miami-Dade County asking if their officers are equipped with body cameras and if they teach their officers de-escalation techniques.

Best Cushman Memory

My favorite Cushman memory was the Peru trip in 9th grade.

Remembered As

I want to be remembered as the student who fought for social justice.

“Behind Luca’s observing eyes is an intensely passionate and creative soul. Luca is thoughtful, understated, and warm. He is a lover of all things cinema and he is at his best when his intellectual forces are employed in discussion of creative ideas.”

Maggie de la Peña

Cushman School HS English Teacher/Student Government

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