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Morgan Corporan

About Morgan Corporan

I had gone to many other schools before attending Cushman High School. I have been attending Cushman for almost four years now and each year is better than the last.

This Cushman Senior

will be attending
Massachusetts College of Art and Design
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SAM Project

For three years of my Cushman experience, I focused my SAM project on Womens’ Rights since I’ve felt very passionate about this issue. So, in my senior year, I have directed my initiative to address the bigger question of social norms and their effect on gender inequality.

Best Cushman Memory

My favorite memory at Cushman High School has been working with Ms. Caamano as my advisor for almost three years. She has made my high school experience so much more enjoyable by providing great advice and support.

Remembered As

I was never without my book.

“Morgan is an old soul who threads fantasy with reality in each artwork she makes and story she writes. Her super powers are sensational speed reading and her ability to get her friends to pick up the new book she’s crazy about! The studio and library truly will not be the same without her.”

Cristina Gonzalez

HS Studio Art, DAT I/II/SAM

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