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Nicolas Degwitz-Krijger

About Nicolas Degwitz-Krijger

I began attending Cushman since 6th grade so this is my 7th year here. Cushman has helped me develop friendships and qualities that I believe will benefit me for the rest of my life.

This Cushman Senior

will be attending
Michigan State University
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SAM Project

Last year, I focused on bringing awareness to how bad it is to purchase dogs from pet stores. I hoped to change people’s minds and consider adoption or purchasing a dog from a responsible breeder – not from a puppy mill. I feel strongly about this topic because animals are being mistreated and kept in terrible conditions.

Best Cushman Memory

My favorite Cushman memory was going to the Florida Keys to play a tennis match there.

Cushman Clubs and Sports

In middle school, I was trying to find the sport that I wanted to commit my time to. When I began crew in high school, I realized it was the sport for me and I have enjoyed it throughout my last four years.

Remembered As

I want to be remembered as a kind and loving person.

“Nick provides an air of intellectual curiosity that is infectious with his peers.”

Willie Avendano

High School Faculty

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