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Oscar Woodyatt

About Oscar Woodyatt

I am an incredibly driven and self-motivated student who will not stop until I achieve the best of my ability. My goal in life is to become an incredibly successful entrepreneur and ultimately change this world for the better. Cushman has not only pushed me to do my best but this school has given me a warm-hearted and welcoming environment in which to pursue my dreams.

This Cushman Senior

will be attending
Babson College
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SAM Project

My SAM project was focused on ways to help feed the homeless. I partnered with Ethan Morris and, together, we cooked and delivered over 100 meals for the homeless in Miami-Dade County.

Best Cushman Memory

A favorite memory was the time that the Cushman Tennis Team took a trip to the Florida Keys.

Outstanding Accomplishments

I have achieved National Honor Society, the AP Scholar Award (given by collegeboard for achieving a score of 3 or more on three or more exams), Posse scholarship nominee, SAMx Finalist. I have been voted MVP for tennis many years running and currently play as Cushman’s #1. I was the only student in Cushman’s history to take 5 AP’s in one grade (last year 11th grade).

  • Silver Knight Nominee – World Languages

Cushman Clubs and Sports

I have been active in tennis as well as soccer, basketball and track and field.

Remembered As

I want to be remembered as a student that never gives up and always pushes himself to his very best. I want my accomplishments to reflect the type of person I am: a self-motivated and incredibly driven student who will change this world for the better.

“Oscar, your determination will lead you to success. When Oscar has a goal is doing all his best to reach the stars and beyond. Je suis fière de ton parcours, de ta persévérance sans faille et ton envie de réussir.”

Stephanie Lambert

Cushman School HS Romance Language

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