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Santiago Perez

About Santiago Perez

My name is Santiago Perez and I have been attending Cushman for four years. I like watersports; My favorites are surfing and wakeboarding. During my time at Cushman, I have learned so many different and unique skills that I apply in my everyday life. One of those skills is how to use Adobe Illustrator. It is because of Cushman and my teachers, I can now create designs for a clothing company my friends and I launched.

This Cushman Senior

will be attending
Miami Dade College
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SAM Project

My SAM topic over the years has always been related to the ocean. The first two years, I focused on plastic pollution where I went out to national parks and cleaned up the mangroves. This year, I am enrolled as a Junior Seakeeper where I have learned about the effects of microplastic in our ocean. I have participated in multiple cleanups to remove these small plastic pieces that are harmful to our marine life.

Best Cushman Memory

My favorite Cushman memory was during freshman year when we played bubble soccer for Spirit Day.

Cushman Clubs and Sports

I was on the soccer team during my sophomore year. We had a lot of fun before, during and after the matches.

Remembered As

I would like to be remembered by all the teachers and friends who have helped me throughout my high school life. I consider my Cushman friends my family and I’m sure we will stay in touch after high school.

“Santi is like a tornado of happiness, he is a smart day dreamer. My best way to describe Santi is : Como vaya viniendo, vamos viendo!”

Monica Linke

Cushman School Faculty

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