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Spencer Davis

About Spencer Davis

As a senior, I will be completing my third year at Cushman. It took me a little while to adjust to this new school, but now I really appreciate my experiences here. I love playing on the sports teams, hanging out with my new school friends, and doing my best to help better the school overall.

This Cushman Senior

will be attending
University of Colorado, Boulder
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SAM Project

My SAM project was based on the ocean environment and improving the problem of pollution. In a place like Miami where we live so close to the ocean, it is so sad to see all the trash that harms marine life. My goal has been to get as many people to help address this problem as possible by cleaning up trash. I continue to educate everyone on this topic.

Best Cushman Memory

My favorite Cushman memory was when I played in the homecoming basketball game and we won during my sophomore year.

Outstanding Accomplishments

Honor Roll, SAMx Finalist, Sports Awards, Student Government

  • Silver Knight Nominee – Digital and Interactive Media

Cushman Clubs and Sports

Football and Basketball

Remembered As

I would like to be remembered for helping the sports teams and having a positive impact on the student body environment.

“Some people like to take charge; others like to quietly watch. Spencer masterfully does both. I love observing him engaged in group work as he intently watches and listens to learn about the task, and about the thoughts of his team. He looks for strengths in each person, and without declaring himself the leader, subtly delegates tasks to each team member, and nudges each person in the right direction. He is patient with misunderstandings and mistakes, even with anger and frustration from his peers, always calmly rephrasing and redirecting the group to achieving the common goals. A true leader, Spencer embodies a rare combination of unique gifts–he is intelligent, tolerant, easy-going, persistent, and kind.”

Jennifer Russell

HS Science Teacher

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