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Whitney Marks

About Whitney Marks

I started off at Cushman in the 9th grade and have been here ever since. I didn’t know anyone at first, however, I quickly bonded with my teachers and have many friends.

I am very authentic and I try to always look for the best in other people. Throughout my Cushman journey, I have become a champion of mental health advocacy.

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SAM Project

My SAM project has been focused on Mental Health in teens and combating the stigma around seeking Mental Health support in our society. I have worked to bring about awareness in my school and community and, in my senior year, I have joined a Teen Talk Mental Health Advocacy Fellowship to work with youth in crisis.

Best Cushman Memory

Decorating the hallway and the library for Spirit Week and the Peru trip in freshman year

Cushman Clubs and Sports

Band Club

Remembered As

I’d like to be remembered here at Cushman for being true to my authentic self.

“Whitney Marks is the glue that keeps her senior class together. She has a lethal combination of a cunning wit, clear convictions, a strong sense of justice, and Hello Kitty. Who couldn’t love that?”

Nicole Mujica

Cushman School HS English Teacher/Theater

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